Handy Tips

Making your application

For our graduate applications we ask each candidate to complete the same online form. You are able to set up a login so if you get to a question and think you need more time to think about your answer, save your application and have a go at writing down your answer to the question, then go back to your application later. This way you will ensure you have answered the question to the best of your ability.

Once your application is complete, read through and double check for any spelling or grammar mistakes and ensure you use ‘Kingston Smith’ in your answers not another accountancy firm (yes, it has happened before!)

Research Kingston Smith and the Role of a Trainee

Before applying I’m sure you will have done your research but the further down the recruitment process you go the more you’re going to be asked. Google would come in handy!

Interview Tips


Remember you are applying for a job in an accountancy firm not to be an aerobics instructor. Dress smartly at all times, whether you are attending the assessment day or meeting the HR Partner for a final interview. First impressions count!

Travelling to your interview

Check the exact location of where you need to be. Check train/bus times and leave yourself enough time to arrive at least 10 minutes early. If you are having transport trouble ring and let someone in HR/Reception know that you are running late and the reason.

Once you have arrived

Please remember to turn off your mobile phone.

From the first handshake; shake hands firmly and give the person you are meeting a friendly, yet professional introduction, to maintaining eye contact.

During the interview

Kingston Smith is looking for trainees that are positive, enthusiastic, hard working and motivated. Ensure you can validate all your skills, work experience and achievements that are stated on your application with strong, factual examples of where you have demonstrated these.

Questions for the interviewer

It’s not just about us asking you all the questions, throughout the recruitment process we will be pleased to answer any questions you may have. A good time to also have some prepared and relevant questions is at the end of the interview. You will have received a lot of information during the process about training at Kingston Smith but this is a chance to clarify something and be confident this is the right programme and firm for you.